Popular Classy Dresses

Have you ever wondered what classy dresses signify? Do you want to know the popular styles too? Having a little black dress or any elegant dress in your wardrobe is essential since you will never know when the need to wear such dress arises. As shown on fashion magazines and other reading materials, these dresses are the important element of every well-coordinated and versatile wardrobe designed to give you the satisfaction that you need during elegant and formal occasions like wearing it as a homecoming dresses.



As history claims, classy dresses are widely worn by women during the Greek era. The assortment of these dresses signified wealth and status. Even today, a classy dress implies such status. This dress can be worn not only on formal occasions but also in semi-formal ones. Unlike those dresses that wear out when the trend also went out of date, a classy dress never goes out of style such as the lace dresses. The succeeding part of the article will introduce you to the popular styles of classy dresses that you must know.

Classy Wedding Dresses

This is the type of dress worn by a bride on her wedding day. The style, color or motif of the gown depends on the taste of both parties and the importance of their culture and religion as well.

  • In Western culture, these dresses were commonly in white color as seen in the wedding of Queen Victoria and King Albert.
  • As time went by, designers made new preferences in ivory, ecru and eggshell colors that were popularized in the year 1840.
  • Today, wedding dresses shows how wedding fashion has evolved into a higher level as the colors of wedding dresses expanded into red, yellow, pink, blue and violet among other colors.
  • Eastern culture like that in China and India has red traditional wedding gowns as this symbolizes good luck.

Best Classy Wedding Dresses Designs


Classy Prom Dresses

Since every teenager wanted to be beautiful on their prom day, this is the type of dress that will best enhance a girl’s beauty. These are simple dresses but have an elegant and stylish look. They are made in a variety of styles and colors since prom dresses do not have any color motif unlike that of wedding dresses. When coupled with the right accessories and the right shoes, the wearer attracts the attention of every boy in the room.

 Long White Sparkly Beads Classy Womens Prom Dress

Classy Cocktail Dresses

As the name suggests itself, these dresses are best worn by women during a cocktail party. These dresses have many styles. Depending on their length, they are called a variety of names which are stated below.

  • When the length of these dresses is 2 inches above the ankle, it is known as tea length cocktail dress.
  • On the other hand, when the dress has touches the ankle, it is called as the ballerina length cocktail dress. This dress is sometimes called as evening gowns too.
  • In the year 1940, the first person to use and popularized the term “cocktail dress” was Christian Dior.

 Classy Cocktail Dresses For Evening Party

Today, classy dresses exude the beauty of every woman who chooses to wear them. In an event that requires you to wear chic and elegant attire, a classy dress will greatly enhance your beauty and style.